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PSLO Assessment

Assessment of student learning is essential in higher education because it provides feedback to instructors, program directors, chairs, and others on how much students are learning and the extent to which they have met the educational objectives developed by the faculty. Additionally, colleges and universities are required as part of regional accreditation to demonstrate evidence of continuous improvement based on the collection and use of assessment results.

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What does our department need to do?

In the academic year 2019-2020, each academic department was asked to develop and submit a new plan to assess the program-level student learning outcomes (PSLOs) for each academic program it oversees. All programs should keep this plan updated and current. 

Annually, programs will collect data and report on their outcomes. Program faculty should plan to meet to discuss, reflect, and plan on action items to use to make improvements. These activities should be documented in the annual program assessment plan report


Check out guidance documents for additional information. 


How do we submit our plan and reports

Currently, plans will be submitted as word documents (along with any appendices) through SharePoint. Each program will have its own permission-based folder, with access restricted to the appropriate department/college faculty/staff. For access, please submit a request from SharePoint or contact OSPIE at


Which programs need to submit plans?

All programs, including new and existing, degree and certificate, online and face-to-face need to provide PSLO assessment plans. New plans were submitted in 2019-2020. 

New programs are expected to submit an assessment plan as part of their new program proposal.

All programs should keep their assessment plans updated and current.  

When are our reports due?

Reports are due July 1 each year (unless a college sets an earlier internal deadline). 

Who should I contact for help?

For general questions about the template, submission process, or deadlines, please email