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Periodic Review

The purpose of periodic academic department review is to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of the departments and programs at the University. During this process, units undergo a thorough review to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the unit in order to plan for the future direction, needs, and priorities of the unit.   

A revised process was launched in 2019-2020 that simplified the process and provided flexibility for units to focus on areas most aligned with future growth and improvement. 



To find schedules, templates, orientation materials, past reports, and other resources visit the SharePoint site.

Periodic Review Materials


All educational programs must undergo a periodic program review as outlined in Administrative Regulation 1.4. It is anticipated that most educational programs will be reviewed as part of the departmental review process. The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OSPIE) maintains the schedule. 

Typically, each unit will be reviewed every 8 years but this schedule can be aligned with specialized accreditation and College's expectations. The process is as follows: 

  1.  The process begins in the December prior to the scheduled review year when OSPIE sends out a formal notification of the upcoming review.
  2. In the spring semester, Departments identify and recruit an external review committee [see ERC Guidelines]. They also attend an Orientation in preparation for the upcoming review.
  3. During the summer and fall semesters, the departments prepare a self-study document [see self-study materials].
  4. In the spring of the review year, an external review committee will be invited on campus to review the department's self-study document and consult with faculty, staff, and administrator regarding the future direction of the unit and the University [see External Review Committee's Charge].
  5. The department prepares a response to the periodic review committee's recommendations and submits the response and action plan [see Implementation Plan] to the Dean and the Provost's office. 

The Colleges are responsible for ensuring that all units and educational programs undergo periodic review. The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness will provide support and guidance in this process including the following:  

  • Maintaining a schedule of periodic review; 
  • Serving as a central repository for all periodic reviews and annual progress reports; 
  • Developing and distributing processes and policies related to assessment, planning, and review; 
  • Providing support for institutional data to ensure integrity and reliability of review materials; and
  • Providing training and support on best practices in assessment, planning, and review