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Administrative Unit Planning at the University of Kentucky is an outcomes assessment process that aligns the goals of the University's administrative units, including student support services, to the Institution's Strategic Plan and mission. 

 By engaging in this process, administrative units use data to inform the improvement of their unit's processes and functions.  This process also supports the University's commitment to ongoing compliance with SACSCOC's standards of accreditation. At the heart of SACSCOC's philosophy of accreditation, the concept of quality enhancement presumes the University is engaged in ongoing improvement of its programs and services and can demonstrate how will it fulfills its stated mission.  

Admin assessment should relate to Strategic Planning, IE Planning and Assessment, and Operational Planning as well as the institution's mission and goals

What is Administrative Planning

Sharepoint Site

Primary source for information about the University's Administrative Unit Planning Process. You'll find templates, training materials, and example documents here.